Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ugging Around

...ugging around the cristmas tree have a happy holida! That sounds like it would be a cute song ;D haha SO ANYWAYS this little story is going to explain and show you my ugg collection. Enjoy!

So here we have Kyle all the way to the left, then Bob.. haha just joking my uggs are nameless ;] But here are all my babies!

These are the Uggs I wear on a regular basis :]

My tall chestnut Uggs are my babies! They have been through hell with me and back! I can wear them with any outfit and I just love them! They are a size 6 but look like a size 8 because they got so stretched! But they are still very furry inside :]

My short white Uggs go with just about anything as well! They are a size 7 but look big as well :P

My Knitted Candy Tall Uggs were a present from last Christmas & I just love them!!!! They are also a size 7. They can be worn tall or rolled down as short. I love how they look when they are rolled down (:

These Uggs are worn not as much but are still worn!

My tall purple Uggs are a size 8. They are a little too big for me but with extra think socks they fit just fine. I like to wear these under sweats so the rip doesn't show but also rolled down.

My short pink Uggs are a size 7. I just love the color inside and out! I wear these Uggs when I find a super cute outfit to match (:


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  1. Hi! Wonderful collection... :) your uggs are fantastics...and you looks very nice in them (I've seen the video on youtube). The brown tall ones are probably my favourite but also the purple ones are did you broke them behind?